Metadata Aggregation & Enrichment

Enhance and package your metadata and content for purpose-specific reuse.

Libraries find themselves at the intersection of resources and users, putting them front and center in the curation of chaos.

But do your current tools equip you appropriately for this task?  Are you connecting the right user to the right resources?  Using the power of the Web to support serendipitous discovery?  Guiding your users in their quest for knowledge as effectively online as in person?  Based on what we hear, again and again, from library users, the answer remains a resounding “no.”

Despite significant investments and libraries’ best efforts, siloed systems impose artificial and unnecessary barriers between information assets, whether metadata or the content it describes.  Although libraries create and curate some of the most authoritative data around, the pathways to knowledge will remain unexploited, as long as the connections are locked up and walled away within proprietary solutions.

Our transformation engine, Praxis by IMT™, unlocks, aggregates, and enables libraries to enrich their data.  In so doing, it bridges the gaps between today’s systems and the services libraries and their patrons demand.

First, PraXis ingests data from the various systems in which libraries create, collect, and curate it — the ILS, institutional repositories, the discovery interface, and so on. PraXis aggregates this data, which often exists in a panoply of formats from a multitude of sources, against a single, standards-based backbone.

PraXis then allows the manipulation and enrichment of this data, either automatically, based on rules established by the library, or manually,  through commonly-used interfaces and applications like Microsoft Excel®.

Finally, PraXis packages metadata and content for use in other contexts — whether for inclusion in your discovery platform or online search properties, integration into your existing ILS environment and its extension products, or use in new services, such as identity management.  This feature of PraXis enables you to deliver reliable, extensible — and most importantly, plug-and-play — information assets in a way that bridges library services from creation to consumption.  In short, your library is now free to use its data when, where, and how it wants.