We provide the practical axis for content and metadata transformation and packaging.
PraXis by IMT is a federated infrastructure for libraries that:

A context-sensitive transformation engine, PraXis is, by its very design, its “Isness” if you will, metadata and encoding standard neutral. It operates on common, adopted standards from Computer Science, IT, W3C, ISO, Publishing, and Library. It moves electronic content and metadata between encoding standards, formats, packages, and displays. It does not replace existing systems, but rather enables institutions to use their chosen policies, local options, current and future systems better, with less work.

PraXis is your:

  • Chaos Manager, a powerful, customizable tool that allows your library, librarians, and service providers to aggregate, augment, repackage, and reuse content and metadata as needed, with minimal technical assistance.
  • Learning Curve Accelerator, a well-documented, reliably-supported transformation toolkit consisting of:
    • Master Information Architecture: Open source, standards-based, language- and format- neutral, shared by content and metadata alike. No base unit or database required. No proprietary encodings or magic, mystery fields to debate. Current or past customer, you own all the data encoded against the architecture, now and forever.
    • Documentation: Referenced definitions; best practices for users, SMEs, designers, application specialists, and programmers; easy to use content and display specifications for all packages, mappings, graphs, and multi-axis indices; in architecture, in interface supports. Complete, easy-to-use documentation where you need it, when you need it.
    • Transformation Engine: Licensed one-time, as needed, on-going, and/or perpetual access to Import, Export, Convert, Transform, Package, Distribute, and/or Display/Compose scripts. MARC, PICA, ONIX, KBart, HTML, XML, CSS, PDF, PS, RDF, RTF, XLS, tab delimited, flat text, MeSH, ICD, CPT, and/or institution-, subject-, or system-specific, inputs and outputs. Working software with a 20+ year history managing the chaos behind the ever-changing, modern resource life cycle.
    • Interfaces: MS Office and WYSIWYG XML, HTML, and PDF “forms” for Create, Edit, Convert, Translate, Version, Enhance, Relate, Compare, and/or Document tasks. The interfaces your people need to do their jobs, in applications they use daily.
    • Support: Training, consultation, customization (modeling, customization layer programming and/or documentation, mapping), project management, and/or custom display, data visualization, and/or eProduct design and specification. The added expertise your team needs, when and where it needs it most.