Orienteering for Libraries

In the second half of 2015, our work with libraries came into sharper focus, thanks to a thorough analysis of the needs, challenges, and opportunities that exist in the library space. With these Webinars, we’re sharing both our findings and some strategic, yet practical suggestions that will help the library community create a position of strength and resilience, even in the midst of significant change and uncertainty.

Session 1:  Surveying the Terrain (October 27, 2015)

Like landscapes in nature, which reflect changing conditions of light and color, varied terrains, and the awesome effects of Mother Nature herself, the library landscape reflects a growing diversity shaped by forces beyond our direct control as our users and resources move to the Web. Nannette Naught (Information Management Team, Inc.) and Kathryn Harnish (Leap Forward Library Consulting) share insights gleaned from their August 2015 survey of the library landscape. They summarize the trends that are emerging in this time of rapid evolution and suggest strategic, yet practical responses that will help create a position of strength and resilience for the library community.

Session 2: Grounding Our Adventure: Definitional Alignment as our Terra Firma (November 10, 2015)

Given the shifting dynamics in the Resource Management space, it’s critical to find solid ground on which to stand. A set of shared definitions creates the context necessary for serious conversations about how we move forward to realize the full potential of libraries in a Web-based world. In this session, IMT and LFLC propose some key definitions, discuss what influenced our thinking, and play out the challenges which often occur between librarians, technologists, and business people on the Library team.

Session 3: Taking a Practice Trip: Three Problems: Three Solutions (December 2015)

Although we’re in a period of change and uncertainty, we don’t need to stand, frozen, at the starting line. In fact, if libraries are to remain visible and viable to our users in their Web-based world, we must begin now.

Session 3, recorded as four shorter Webinars, features an introduction to the PraXis solution and provides in-depth discussion of three pressing issues for libraries — the challenges of metadata aggregation and enrichment, the growing demands for “library as publisher” support, and the need for improved integration of eResources. In each recording, we offer practical advice on how to begin now, with the systems in place today, while our users are watching.

  • Introductory Session
  • Use Case #1:  Metadata Aggregation & Enrichment
  • Use Case #2:  Library as Publisher
    • White paper forthcoming.
  • Use Case #3:  E-Resource Optimization
    • White paper forthcoming.