In our work with libraries and publishers, we’ve had the opportunity to author a number of papers and documents detailing key concepts related to content and metadata transformation. We’re excited to give you a glimpse into this work and share our papers with a broader audience. We hope you’ll join the conversation here on the site, or via email to the author(s).

RDA Registry & Production System Synchronization Analysis

Download a PDF of IMT’s 2014 analysis of lessons learned from our eight years (2006 to 2014) of work on RDA, including identified production process challenges and suggested responses.  This analysis was originally presented to the RDA leadership teams for their consideration and is provided here, as an artifact of the process, so that others may learn from our experience. A word of caution: some areas of this analysis are dated; work since April 2014 may have addressed some of the issues we highlighted or made our recommendations no longer applicable.

Articulate Balance Lead

Download a PDF collection of drawings illustrating findings of IMT’s 2014 Library marketplace and how our previous version of PraXis supports the identified needs.