Our people share a passion for increasing the visibility and viability of libraries in a Web-based world.

Information Management Team (IMT), Inc.® and Leap Forward Library Consulting™ are teaming up to help libraries achieve this goal by eliminating the barriers imposed by current library workflows and the systems that support them. As partners, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver cost-effective, Library-driven, user-focused solutions to you — solutions that bridge the gaps between today’s systems and the services your patrons demand.

Our technology backbone, PraXis by IMT™, is the product of more than 20 years of IMT’s work in content creation and subject-specific ontologies, augmented by ten years of library metadata standards design and transformation. Creators of numerous innovative electronic products for Publishers, IMT initially brought PraXis to the Library eResource marketplace in 2006, deploying its disruptive solution as the system behind RDA, “the new standard for resource description and access designed for the digital world.” IMT’s expertise in the creation, maintenance, and translation of information assets enabled RDA leadership to deliver a solution few thought possible and allowed the international cooperative to achieve much-needed control of their eResource lifecycle.

Our implementation approach is grounded in the experience of Leap Forward Library Consulting’s principal, Kathryn Harnish. An innovative leader with two decades of experience in conceiving and creating transformational library systems, Kathryn launched LFLC in 2015 to help libraries wrest control from their inventory and workflow management systems and to rethink the services that can be provided to users in doing so. While this type of disruptive change may seem like a pipe dream to many, LFLC’s expertise in systems assessment, workflow transformation, and vendor relations will allow you to better achieve the changing business and service goals of your library.

Together, our shared passion is to let librarians be librarians again — to give you the freedom to serve patrons in the best ways possible, to allow you to realize the full potential of your library in a Web-based world.

Meet the PraXis Team

Nannette Naught, Principal at IMT

As principal in Information Management Team (IMT), Inc.®, Nannette offers a variety of product and content development, architecture, ontology, and modeling services to Publishers, Libraries, and other information product providers. Nannette has served as lead advocate and developer for numerous disruptive, award-winning print and eResource products since beginning her career during the ePublishing revolution of the early 1990s. Augmenting her content-driven, business-oriented perspective with a passion for process and disruptive development, Nannette partners with subject matter experts, end users, and industry leaders to develop economical, format independent content creation, management, and translation systems. Nannette looks forward to continuing this work with Leap Forward Library Consulting and helping libraries to act on some of their biggest opportunities through the introduction of PraXis by IMT™.

When not pushing the boundaries of software systems and the standards that support them, Nannette and her husband, Steve, own and operate N3 Forage and Livestock, a farm specializing in sustainably-raised artisan lamb for show and table. Nannette is an avid 4-H and FFA supporter and volunteer who rides whenever she gets the chance (i.e., when she’s not cheering on her son at fairs or equestrian events), is passionate about balancing rural life with modern technology, and enjoys spending time with family.

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Cathy Sackmann, Lead Analyst at IMT

As lead analyst at Information Management Team (IMT), Inc.®, Cathy engages in variety of analysis, mapping, and transformation activities, as well as individualized training and support to Publishers and Libraries, their staff and subject matter experts. Cathy has served as lead analyst for large, multinational, multidisciplinary eResource development projects for Association, Urban Planning, and Library organizations. Combining a practical, no-nonsense approach with a passion for knowledge and its creators, Cathy partners with librarians and other subject matter experts to develop user-focused solutions. Her work at IMT is an extension of her deep personal commitment to a life of service. Cathy is excited to participate in the creation of powerful new PraXis modules that extend its reach into new markets and beyond the boundaries of today’s systems.

When not happily swimming through code, Cathy and her husband, Mark, operate Island Tyme Cottage, a charming vacation rental on Camano Island in Washington. Cathy is an avid geocacher who spends as much time as possible by the beach or in the woods, is passionate about volunteering locally, and enjoys singing at her church (or shower, or car, or wherever).

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Kathryn Harnish, Principal at Leap Forward Library Consulting

As principal in Leap Forward Library Consulting™, Kathryn provides a variety of strategic consulting and innovation partnership services to libraries. Kathryn, who has served in senior product management roles for several ILS providers, brings more than 20 years of experience in the library technology space to bear on systems evaluation and selection, workflow transformation, open systems development, library metrics, shared print management, and more. Fusing a pragmatic, business-oriented perspective with deep domain knowledge, she partners with librarians and other industry experts to develop future-focused strategies that respect core library values. Her relationship with IMT is an extension of this work — Kathryn is excited to bring powerful new solutions to bear on libraries’ most pressing problems with implementation of the PraXis transformation engine.

When not thinking about the future of libraries, Kathryn and her husband, Rob, operate Took a Leap Farm, a small goat farm and creamery in Houlton, Maine. Kathryn volunteers with a local animal rescue and sanctuary, reads voraciously, and still enjoys travel (despite being a very frequent flyer).

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