Our mission is to provide reliable, extensible — and most importantly, plug-and-play — solutions that allow libraries to achieve new visibility and viability.

Libraries have a proliferation of software silos operating in their environments — ILSes, digital repositories, ERM systems, discovery platforms, Web pages, learning management systems, and so on. Recognizing this problem, library service providers have spent the past decade focusing on the development of “next-generation” solutions that unify all of the library’s workflows and requirements — next-generation systems that, frankly, don’t address the most critical library or user needs.

So what do libraries need, if not more (and more expensive) software?

Libraries need reliable, extensible — and most importantly, plug-and-play — solutions that bridge information from the systems in which it is created or collected into the environments in which it is aggregated and consumed. You don’t need to maintain and integrate more software; you need to maintain and integrate your information assets more effectively, to help your library achieve new promise in a Web-based world.

Enter PraXis by IMT™, a transformation engine for libraries. Designed and built to eliminate the need for more software and its accompanying licensing, implementation, and maintenance headaches, PraXis helps you to bridge the gaps between today’s systems and the services your library patrons demand. Our engine enables the art and science of transformation. It’s the code-cracking backbone that supports the conversion, manipulation, enrichment, and packaging of information resources across silos and contexts — a Turing machine, if you will, for information assets and their associated metadata.

The PraXis backbone supports a wide array of resource management business needs, including those of Publishers, Service Providers, and Libraries. To begin, our focus is on what we believe to be the most immediate needs of libraries and their users:

Electronic Resource Optimization
Metadata Aggregation & Enrichment
Resource Creation & Acquisition

Through PraXis, our intent, our shared passion, is to let librarians be librarians again — to give you the freedom to serve patrons in the best ways possible, to allow you to realize the promise of your library in a Web-based world.